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This program is designed to provide a solid understanding of banking and financial studies and to develop advanced communication skills in English and French which are necessary for banking and finance. The first year is a foundation course in both banking/finance and languages. Starting in the second year, courses become more specialized, allowing in-depth study of banking and finance topics with a focus on real-world applications.

Banking and Finance

The banking and finance courses are carried out in English and French as a second foreign language. It seeks to develop competence in financial markets and organizations. This is complemented by the use of computer-assisted applications related to banking and finance. Additionally, two one-month training periods are incorporated into the summer programs which aims to familiarize students with the working environment in financial institutions and other business organizations.

Foreign Languages

The language courses develop general oral and written language skills as well as more specialized skills such as translating, report writing, negotiating, analyzing and synthesizing within the wider context of business. In the language work most of the practical sessions may be function-based and devoted to a given skill (oral work, translation into Turkish). Other language work is topic-based and focuses more on business communications involving case studies that culminate in oral presentations and business reports.

Academic Courses

For more information about courses as well as restricted electives in the Department of Banking and Finance, see the Curriculum in the Academic Catalog.

Dr. Nazmi Demir (Deceased)

From 1998 until his sudden death in 2016, Dr. Nazmi Demir chaired the Department of Banking and Finance. Click here for more information about him. We miss him greatly!

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