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During the past fifteen years, the Department of Banking and Finance has focused on various areas of research, including Issues of Efficiency, the Environment, Gender, and Herd Behavior; Exchange rate volatility; Outside indicators such as News Articles; Turkish markets compared to those of Europe, the US, and the World; and X-efficiency and Return to Scale.

Below is a list of Bilkent-affiliated publications by faculty from the Department of Banking and Finance.

Journal Publications


  • B.C. Erbas and E. Guven Solakoglu, "In the presence of climate change, the use of fertilizers and the effect of income on agricultural emissions", Sustainability, 2017 Vol. 9, No. 11, 1989. [See Sustainability.]
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  • M.N. Solakoglu, N. Demir, "The effect of news on return volatility and volatility persistence: The Turkish economy during crisis", Emerging Markets Finance & Trade , 2015, Vol. 50, 249-263. [See Emerging Markets Finance and Trade .]


  • M.N. Solakoglu, N. Demir, "Sentimental herding in Borsa Istanbul: informed versus uninformed," Applied Economics Letters, 2014, Vol. 21, No. 14, 965-968. [See Taylor & Francis Online.]


  • E. Guven Solakoglu, S. Er, M.N. Solakoglu, "Technical Efficiency in Cotton Production: The Role of Premium Payments in Turkey," Transition Studies Review, vol. (2013) (PDF)
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  • S. Sayan, N. Demir, "Measuring the degree of block interdependence," Applied Economics Letters, vol. 5, pp. 329-332 (1998)

Chapters in Books

  • 2016: N. Demir, M.N. Solakoglu, "Herding in Middle Eastern Frontier Markets: Are local and global factors important," Handbook of Frontier Markets: Evidence from Middle East, North Africa and International Comparative StudiesP. Andrikopoulos, G. Gregoriou, and V. Kallinterakis (Eds.), pp. 3-17, Academic Press, Elsevier. Available in ScienceDirect.
  • 2014: N. Demir, S.F. Mahmud, M.N. Solakoglu , "Sentiment and Beta Herding in Borsa Istanbul (BIST)," Risk Management Post Financial Crisis: A Period of Monetary Easing, J.A. Batten, N.F. Wagner (Eds.), pp. 389-400, Emerald Group Publishing Limited; Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial Analysis as Volume 96.
  • 2011: M.N. Solakoglu, M. Orhan, "Impact of macroeconomic indicators on short selling: Evidence from the Tokyo Stock Exchange," Handbook of Short Selling, G.N. Gregoriou (Eds.), pp. 287-301, Elsevier
  • 2010: M.N. Solakoglu, E. Guven Solakoglu, "Does currency risk depress the flow of trade? Evidence from the European Union and Transition countries" in the Emerging Markets: Performance, Analysis, and Innovation (Edited by Greg N. Gregoriou), pp. 203-214, Chapman & Hall/CRC Finance Series, CRC press, Taylor and Francis group
  • 2009: M.N. Solakoglu, "7 entries "Futures Contract", "Option Contract", "Long Position", "Exercise Option", "Public Offering", "Strike Price", "Multi-Strategy Fund"," Encyclopedia of Alternative Investments, G.N. Gregoriou (Eds.), pp. 171-449, Chapman-Hall/Routledge Taylor and Francis London: UK
  • 2009: A. Köse, M.N. Solakoglu, "Kriz aşamasında şirketlerde finansal planlama faaliyetleri", in the Kriz Yönetimi (Edited by Haluk Sumer and Helmut Pernsteiner), pp. 235-262, Istanbul Bilgi Universitesi yayınları
  • 2009: M.N. Solakoglu, N. Demir, M. Orhan, "Are Macroeconomic Variables Important for the Stock Market Volatility? Evidence from the Istanbul Stock Exchange", Stock Market Volatility, Gregoriou, G.N. (ed.), pp. 519-533., Chapman & Hall/CRC Finance Series, CRC press, Taylor and Francis group
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  • 2007: M.N. Solakoglu, M. Orhan, "Influence of M&A's on Firm Value: Turkish Experience," Mergers and Acquisitions, G.N. Gregoriou, K.N. Neuhauser (Eds.), pp. 83-95, Palgrave-Macmillan

Edited Volumes

  • 2008: "Turk Edebiyati Tarihi", Editors: M. Kalpaklı, O. Horata, Y. Celik, N. Demir, R. Korkmaz, O. Oğuz, Kültür ve Turizm Bakanlığı Yayınları (2008)
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