Dr. Nazmi Demir (Former Chair, Deceased)

Research Interests

Financing the rural and agricultural Sector in the EU, USA and Turkey

Measuring risks in finance with emphasis on the Banking System

Stock Market Volatility

Efficiency in Banking

Efficiency of Agriculture with Environmental factors

Dr. Nazmi Demir, Assistant Professor

Dr. Demir has specialized in Leontief input-output, inefficiency models and environments in agricultural economics. He has served on boards of various international research centers for 18 years. After long-term employment with high positions in various departments of the Turkish government, Dr. Demir joined Bilkent University, first in the Department of Economics, then in 1998 as Chair of the Department of Banking and Finance, where he teaches micro and macro economics, statistics, and other courses in banking and finance. Dr. Demir has several publications in books and journals, such as Developing Economies, Economic Letters, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics and Economic Systems Research.


  • Associate Professor (Inter-University Council of Turkey) Economic Policy, Bilkent University, 2000
  • PhD. Agricultural Economics - University of California, Davis, 1970
  • MS. Agricultural Economics - University of California, Davis, 1967
  • BS. Agricultural Faculty - University of Ankara, 1962

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